We create unique and personalised objects with integral design and elaborated details. We offer an unlimited choice of style and materials.
We have preserved and constantly enhance the woodcarving craft, mother-of-pearl and precious stones incrustation, intarsia, gold and silver leaf covering, casting and embossing or metal articles
By using the latest achievement of the technological process and combining the most versatile materials, we can provide our customers with a product that meets the highest expectations
Custom-designed furniture by Morozov & Son fills any interior with a special atmosphere corresponding to your taste, ensuring comfort and aesthetic pleasure

Morozov & Son owns a production plant where it has been manufacturing furniture since 1993.
When you order furniture from Morozov & Son you are always guaranteed consistently high quality, a coherent and well-thought-out design, an irrevocable warranty and post-warranty service.


Morozov & Son suggests all possible variations of materials and a huge number of uniquely designed patterns and finishes.


Morozov & Son is one of the few international companies that finances development of modern and comfortable systems for better organisation and storage in the wardrobe, kitchen and other types of furniture.


Morozov & Son were the first in its industry to launch after-warranty programs such as Refresh&Repair and Update. This makes it possible for our Customers to always use the furniture with the latest mechanisms and fittings, maintaining its original appearance.

The concept, sketch and general description of the designer is transformed into high-quality drawings by our qualified designing engineers, development of technological solutions and selection of the most suitable materials.


The teamwork of the expert furniture creators of Morozov & Son, their competence and involvement in the process and their creative approach and ability to create a high-end product, gives a guarantee that the product will provide its owner with aesthetic pleasure and satisfaction from using it.

Internal production quality standards of Morozov & Son extend far beyond the generally accepted norms. Our products are subject to thorough control at all stages of production, and the technology is recorded in the technical documentation of the product.


We focus on a lengthy service life of furniture by Morozov & Son; therefore we use only the best materials, mechanisms and fittings.


All products undergo a test assembly in the workshop before shipping them to the object, excluding the possibility of errors and flaws when installing the product on site.


We carefully pack the products into individually made boxes, designed so that the products are delivered to the customer in perfect condition.

We design and produce all decorative elements – woodcarvings, intarsia, mother-of-pearl incrustation, gold and silver leaf covering, casting moulds for metal parts and non-standard fittings for our product on site in our production plant.


Metallic, glass, stone, leather, textile and other elements of finishing decoration for furniture by Morozov & Son are supplied by the best manufacturers and proven partners.


Thanks to long-term and productive cooperation, our partners – veneer sheet and timber producing companies, offer specifically favourable cooperation conditions for Morozov & Son , namely, we select high-quality materials with interesting texture and the most beautiful pattern.

Morozov & Son implements the full cycle: from measurements to the assembly and installation of furniture, including making templates, the production of finishing samples, and delivery to every corner of the world.


Our company stands out, because we are very flexible in terms of production and able to fulfil the most complex orders: we ensure all types of joinery work without exception. All products for a particular object, from the basic components to the smallest accessories, are produced with equally high quality and uniform finishing decoration.


A holistic approach serves as a guarantee that the products will be produced and assembled in accordance with the project – exactly as initially contemplated by the author.


Morozov & Son provides a post-warranty service and possibilities to upgrade the product.

“Despite focusing on details requiring delicate handwork, Morozov & Son production plant fulfils voluminous orders within a reasonable time, thanks to the presence of modern high-tech equipment”