Morozov & Son:

Established in 1993
Family business
Number of employees: 50 people
Production area: 4300 sq.m


More than 450 objects commissioned
More than 7500 custom-made products produced
We have taken part in more than 120 international projects


More than 80 partners— suppliers of materials and interior design objects


Morozov & Son is an authorized dealer for ViSpring, Kneer, Boccara


Furniture production:

  • for private apartments and houses
  • for yachts and jets
  • for elite offices
  • for hotels and boutiques

Turnkey projects:

  • interior design
  • project supply
  • control and management

Home solutions:

  • sleeping system
  • doors and windows
  • carpets and tapestry
  • lighting design

Sergey Morozov

СЕО and Co-Owner of the Company

“My father created a company which, due to a high level of workmanship and responsibility, has gained high customer confidence, with appreciation for our creative potential, competence level, and accuracy. Our products remain up-to-date for many years and represent a worthy investment for connoisseurs of exquisite interior design objects”

Yury Morozov

Founder and Co-Owner of the Company

“By joining our company, my son ensured a new direction of development for us. We gained fresh ideas and opportunities, expanded the production and entered the world market. In light of the individual taste of each customer, we create high-end products, retaining the traditions of experienced experts and using state-of-the-art technologies”

We are constantly expanding the geographical area of our activities

We operate in:
USA (New York, Los Angeles, Miami)
Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad)
France (Nice, Paris)
Germany (Berlin, Dresden)
UK (London)
Azerbaijan (Baku)
Ukraine (Kiev)
Greece (Athens)


1993 – foundation of the Company, 2 employees and a small leased room
1995 – expansion of the Company to 8 employees and moving to another workshop premises
1996 – land purchase to construct our own manufacturing plant
1996 – first steps in creating furniture for a private jet
1997 – first steps in working overseas
1998 – we move to our own workshop premises
2000 – expansion of the Company and construction of the 2nd workshop
2002 – expansion of the Company and construction of the 3rd workshop
2004 – expansion of the Company and construction of the 4th workshop
2006 – Sergey Morozov joins the family business
2006 – expansion of the Company and construction of the 5th workshop
2008 – getting to international market
2009 – first experience in participating at an exhibition fair
2011 – opening of our own design studio and offering of a “Turnkey” service
2012 – enterring the market of USA
2013 – expansion of the Company and construction of the 6th workshop
2013 – development of a yacht’s interior design
2014 – procurement of high-efficiency equipment enabling the fulfilment of large-scale orders
2015 – trade mark registration
2015 – we move to a new office as well as undergo major improvements in working conditions
2015 – opening of our own exhibition hall